OTHER SIDE is a piece about hidden facets and unexpected connections, conceived as a hybridised dialogue between contemporary dance and flamenco art. At the crossroads between Amsterdam and Seville, movement and music will seek to connect two opposing techniques and two different cultures. This meeting point is both the initial question and the aim.
Tamar will explore her connection between contemporary dance and flamenco.
She will look at it from all angles and explore how far an art form can stretch before it becomes something else entirely. Something else? Or different sides of the same reality?
With her, three contemporary dancers will show up on stage as reflections, shadows, and sometimes they will take over completely when they latch on to a tiny detail and turn it into a new reality.
OTHER SIDE is a space of reflection, where heart and body are looking for balance, meaning, and identity, using movement and music as the path as well as the destination.
NOTE: Work in progress, for more information please contact us.

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