movement direction
& choreography
for the screen

An interest in film and photography runs in her family, and it has led Tamar to gain a solid understanding of the practical and technical aspects of filmmaking. Inspired by the works of Gene Kelly, Busby Burkeley and Spike Jonze (among others), she loves to design movement and dance that interacts gracefully with the camera as well as the viewer.
She has many years of experience as a dancer and choreographer across styles, genres and mediums, and is dedicated to establishing clear and engaging communication through movement.


The Jordan - Best Damn Day (music video)
Director: Max Porcelijn
Choreography / movement direction: Tamar Porcelijn

Director: Tamar Porcelijn
Choreography / movement direction: Tamar Porcelijn
Choreography & dance: Mia de Lourdes

El Baile de la Luna
Director:  Simona Evstatieva
Choreography & dance: Tamar Porcelijn

Other Side (pt 2)
Director: Michael Winter
Choreography: Tamar Porcelijn
Dance: Tamar Porcelijn, Kalin Morrow, Rohiet Tjon Poen Gie

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